6-9 Avril 2015 : ARCC

Conference Architectural Research Center Consortium

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Research in architecture, design and the built environment is currently diversifying and reaching new directions. Technological changes, such as new materials, construction techniques and design representations, have accelerated the need for research within design disciplines. Today, research is more important than ever and it is also becoming an integral component in the design practices. The theme of ARCC 2015 Conference, the FUTURE of Architectural Research, will address these aspects and will be a primary event for researchers, faculty members, design professionals, and policy makers to discuss and set the course for the future direction of architectural research. Today, interdisciplinary research approaches that address advanced materials, building technologies, environmental and energy concerns, computational design, automation in construction, design delivery methods, and project management are essential for advancing the state of knowledge relating to the design of built environment. This conference will address these topics, and will also aim to define the future course of architectural research.


Advanced Materials and Building Technologies: research topics relating to materials, their performance and applications in architectural design, experimental studies, building technologies and implementations in current design projects.

Environmental, Energy and Building Performance Factors: research topics relating to environmental and energy aspects in buildings and cites, high-performance buildings.

Computational Design: research topics relating to use of computational tools and approaches for design, BIM, parametric modeling, simulations and modeling, use of virtual reality for design.

Design Delivery: research topics relating to design delivery, methods, relationships between design agents, integrated project delivery.

Project Management: research relating to business side of design, management, client engagement, project management methods for high-performance buildings.

Social and Behavioral Research: research topics relating to buildings’ use and operation, post-occupancy evaluations, occupant satisfaction.

Building Types and Design Methods: research topics relating to specific building types (commercial, civic, institutional, healthcare, and residential) and their design methods.

Research in Practice: topics relating to new modes of research specifically suited for design practices, appropriate methods, implementation of results.

Research and Education in Academia: topics relating to new modes of research in academic settings, integration of educational curricula and research.